10 Reasons You Need To Hire Dan Shaffer As Your Coach

We all have the desire to lead an amazing life and accomplish our goals. But, very few people will reach their full maximum capabilities without a coach. Many of the world’s most successful people, whether a business person or athlete, have coaches to accelerate their success. Working with a coach can unlock potential to maximize performance and success. Hiring a coach is one of the best investments you can ever make in your life.

Quotes from recent coaching clients:
It has transformed my life.
If I had known this is what coaching was, I would have done it a lot sooner.
Best money I have ever invested in myself. It is so worth it.
You are the best coach.

10 Reason Why You Should Hire Me As Your Coach:

1. I want to help you reach your full potential.
I have been coaching people in different capacities for over 35 years. Most people that hire a coach are doing just fine, life is going along alright… but many people know they can do more. They want to take their life to a higher level of success, achievement and enjoyment. I will push you to go beyond just “fine” and help you move to the next level of your potential.

2. I will help you stay focused on what is the most important.
Together we will work through what you want and need to lead a successful life and set specific goals to keep you focused on the most important things. Life has a way of distracting us from our dreams and goals. I will walk with you through this journey.

3. I will keep you accountable for the things you need to be doing.
One of the biggest needs for people is being held accountable. For most people, being accountable only to yourself is an easy way to stay the same. We are good at excuses, procrastination and not executing. I want to support you as you move in the right direction you need to be going.

4. I want to help you identify your blind spots and understand yourself better.
We all have blind spots. Do you know what yours are and are you working on improving them? What habits are holding you back? You must have a clear understanding of yourself, including your strengths, weaknesses and areas to be improved. Typically, we can’t see these on our own. We need help to identify our blind spots.

5. I will help you map a plan for your life.
Most people go through life without a plan. They have a couple goals in their head and they just drift through life not knowing what to do next, so they just keep drifting. Without a plan, life will dictate your path verses you dictating the path. What is the plan for your life? I can help you build that plan and take steps to reach your life goals.

6. I want to save you time and money.
You can spend your whole life trying to figure out the secrets to life or I can save you a huge amount of time and money by sharing my 35 years of experience and help you skip some of the tough lessons many people go through. Your time is valuable, make the most of it. Why figure it out on your own? Let me coach you and give you a competitive advantage over those who do not have a coach helping them.

7. My coaching will accelerate your success.
I believe I can help you move further faster than you can on your own. I have spent my whole life helping people be successful. I created my company Be Successful to help people be successful in life, work and in relationships. That is what I do every day. I want to support you and listen to you as you walk through this success journey.

8. I want to help you break through the barriers that are holding you back from incredible success.
For many people their inner struggle is greater than their outer struggle. I want to help you remove the inner struggles. It can be fear, lack of confidence, self-esteem, self-talk, parents- all can be barriers to your personal and professional growth. For many these barriers prevent you from moving forward. We all go through challenges and it is great to have support and advice as you go through those challenges.

9. I want to help you believe in yourself.
I want to inspire you to believe you can reach your goals and achieve whatever you set your mind to. I want to help you take action and make progress on your success by helping you uncover the doubt and self-limiting thinking that is stopping you from reaching your goals. Self-reflection, self-awareness and self-assessment are key to breakthrough success and often you need a perspective outside your own head. An objective viewpoint is helpful for growth in your life.

10. I want to help you develop a different mindset.
So much of our success is directly tied to our mindset, our thinking, our beliefs. How you think combined with your actions will determine your success in every area of your life. Your thinking, attitude, perspective, and positive approach can all be the difference between success and failure. Let me help you think differently. Successful people think in a particular way.

I want to be your encourager, champion, motivator, strategist and accountability partner. This isn’t about telling you what to do. It is about having powerful coaching conversations and asking questions that create and lead to new and exciting levels of success.

I believe one of the greatest things you can do for your life is to hire a success coach. What could possibly be better than investing in yourself? It can be profound and life changing, I have seen it happen with so many of my clients.

I would love to have a short, free, no-obligation call to discuss if coaching is right for you. Call or email me at dan@danshaffer.org or 417-224-4841. I want to help you Be Successful!