Don’t Just Be Acceptable, Be Exceptional!

We live in a world where standards are low and getting lower every day. Too many people just want to get by, no expectations, no high standards, and no desire to be the very best. I am not sure why this is. It may have something to do with the idea of the “path of least resistance.” Many people lean towards doing the least they can possibly do. A successful life is not found in that kind of thinking. It seems so many people want to just get by with the acceptable. Their question is what can I do to skate by with the bare minimum?

Here are a few examples:

What is acceptable with the dress code at work? How close can I get to the line and be acceptable with my dress?

What is the minimum acceptable credit score I need to get that car loan?

How much garbage can I eat and still maintain an acceptable level of health?

What is the minimum amount of effort I have to put in to be an acceptable parent?

What is the minimum acceptable effort I have to put in to get a passing grade?

How little effort can I put in and still pass the class?

What is the least amount I can practice the piano and still pull off my lesson with my piano teacher?

You get the idea. So much of what we do is based on just being acceptable.  Why not stop trying to see how little you can do and give more effort to your life and be a person who is above the minimum. Be exceptional!  Society doesn’t care if you are broke or sick or lonely. They don’t care if you are tired or lazy or unhappy. They don’t care if you are living a life that is the “bare minimum.” You are just doing what is acceptable. Society is fine if you stay right where you are and keep living the life of struggle you are living, they are fine with that.  You are acceptable.

I don’t want to be just acceptable. I want to be exceptional. I don’t want to live a life that just gets by with the minimum. I want to do better. I want to be better. I want more. I want to be in the top 10%, not the bottom 10%. I want to have good health, be at the top of my work career, have good relationships and be prepared for retirement.  Just because much of the world is lazy, tired, sick, broke, angry, lonely and depressed, doesn’t mean I have to be.  I want to be exceptional!

Don’t buy into the world’s philosophy that says doing the minimum is fine. You are just like everyone else and it is fine.  No one is going to carry you over to the exceptional side.  You have to determine you are going to be different. You are going to be better. You are going to do more than the minimum. What will it take for you to move yourself over to the exceptional side?

Don’t just be acceptable, be exceptional and you will Be Successful!