Give Roses While People Are Still Alive

When I was in my early twenties, I worked with an older gentleman who was very encouraging.  He wasn’t my boss.  But anytime anyone did anything at work he would tell you, “You did a great job.”  “I liked that.”  “Way to go.”  “That was excellent.”  He always had an encouraging word.  Finally, one day I said to him, “You are so encouraging, you have to be one of the most encouraging people I have ever met.”  He said, “I believe in giving roses while people are still alive.”  He went on to explain, when he first got married as a young man, he and his bride went overseas to work.  She contracted a disease there and died very early in their marriage.  He said, “I stood at her grave and placed roses on her casket.” With emotion that was raw, vivid, real, like he was sharing the greatest truth he had ever learned, he said, “That was the first time I had ever given her flowers, and it was at her grave.”  “I decided from that moment on that would never happen again. I decided from that point.  I would give roses to people while they are still alive. That’s why I am so encouraging to people.”

It is a powerful story with a great lesson to learn.  There is the obvious, people like to receive flowers, and yes men you should buy your wife or girlfriend flowers.  Even when they say, you shouldn’t spend the money on that.  Do it anyways, because everyone loves flowers.  But the flowers are a metaphor for what we say to people, and how we treat them and how we encourage one another.  Why do we wait to say all the great things about the people we love, until we are standing in a funeral service with them laying in a casket?  We are so goofy sometimes. Why don’t we tell them while they are alive? When someone does something good in your family, tell them how awesome they are, encourage them.  Your friends at school, what would happen if you were more encouraging?  Why do we stand at our friends farewell party as they leave work and say all these great things about them.  Why do we wait till then, why not tell them now.  Don’t wait.   You know how much you enjoy, when someone says encouraging words to you.  Why not share that joy?  Something so small, something so free, something so easy, but we wait until they are dead.

I am convinced the world would be a better place.  Our children would have greater self-esteem.  Our schools would be better.  Our marriages would be stronger.  Our friendships would be a greater source of blessing.  It will end a few problems at work.  It will happen, if we would all just give roses while people are still alive.  I know it’s not going to fix all of the world’s problems, but it will fix a few.

So go out and be encouraging today!  Tell your kids what you like about them.  Tell your spouse why you are still attracted to them.  Tell your boss what you appreciate about them.  Tell your co-workers they are awesome. Not only will it help your kids, your spouse, your friends, and your work, it makes you a person everyone wants to be around and that will help you Be Successful.